Moy Report 30th April @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan Bridge 0.35m

A cloudy morning with outbreaks of rain forecast but brightening up in the afternoon.  The amount of rain forecast will probably have little or no effect on water levels. I hope to be out later today but it will be more in hope than expectation but you never know if your lure is in the water.

Yesterday afternoon I was in Ballina, and took a run up to the Ridgepool for a look.  There was a full complement of rods in action but they are still waiting for their first fish of the season.  Judging by the height a fish should be caught shortly if any numbers are around.  As with most of the river it is very quiet on the lower Moy, and things can only get better as we move into the prime spring salmon month of May.

River Moy Ballina.

Looking down into the Ridgepool Ballina, yesterday afternoon.

Moy Report 29th April @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.36m

Another day of sunny spells with temperatures rising to 18c.  There are good tides at the moment, and these usually lead to an increase in fish entering the system.  There is still nice water at Ballina but even at this height spring fish will tend to run at night especially if conditions are bright during the day.

The EMAA fishery was very quiet yesterday with just a few disillusioned anglers wandering about.  Up to late evening nothing had been caught or seen.  I heard that one angler who was fishing the longbank was found fast asleep by the waterkeeper.  Didn’t say much for the fishing!

Ballintemple, East Mayo Anglers Association

Ballintemple, East Mayo Anglers Association

Moy Report 28th April @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.39m

The upper Moy is inching towards low summer level and it will take something miraculous this week to avoid it. With the little flurry of activity in recent days lets hope a few fresh fish will run upstream at night to give anglers a chance the next day.

The bright warm conditions didn’t help anglers yesterday on the EMAA stretch and subsequently fishing was poor.  I only heard of one fish lost up to 7pm by a visiting french angler.

Ballintemple, East Mayo Anglers Association

Ballintemple, East Mayo Anglers Association

Moy Report 27th April @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.40m

A bright and breezy day forecast.  Not much sign of a lot of rain with our best chance in the first half of next week.  In the second half  the weather is forecast to be dry and cool with winds going round to the north.

There were a few anglers around yesterday and I heard of a nice 9lb fish caught below Ballylahan bridge on worm.  Over the last few days a couple of fish have been reported in the fisheries around Foxford.  Fish have also been seen running with most seemingly heading for the lakes.

The fly only stretch, East Mayo Anglers Association.

The fly only stretch, East Mayo Anglers Association.



Moy Report 26th April @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.42m

Looks like we have missed the bulk of the overnight rain, with the southern half of the country getting up to 30mm.  There may have been enough for a small rise and I will update again this evening around 9pm if there is anything significant.

It was a very quiet week on the EMAA stretch, with a few visiting anglers and locals coming and going.  I didn’t hear of any catches until late yesterday evening, when I received a report that Michael Griffin (Belfast) had caught a nice 9.75lb fish on fly.  Well done to Michael on his catch.  I also heard that Michael O’Kane had caught one on fly around Ballylahan bridge.  Are things about to liven up? we can only hope.

River Moy Salmon

Michael Griffin with his 9.75lb salmon caught Friday evening on East Mayo Anglers Association.