Moy Report 31st July @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.22m

We are moving into another showery period of weather, with the possibility of some thundery downpours.  From a fishing point of view some catchments will get lucky and receive some badly needed water, while others remain stubbornly at drought level.  Will the Moy be among the lucky?

Yesterday evening I decided to go down to Oldcastle to see if there were any sea trout about.  Conditions were good with cloud cover and mild temperatures.  I rigged up a floating line with a Black Pennell and Peter Ross.  To make a long story short, I had one slashing rise which I reckon was a sea trout but no hook ups.  There were a fair number of brownies prepared to have a go but nothing of any size.

I noticed as I was wading along a serious amount of weed and slime on the river bed.  Without doubt the first decent flood we get will be filthy as all this weed and slime is transported down stream.

What I didn’t notice were any salmon showing, and I fished down through several pools that should be holding a few resident fish.

river Moy

The River Moy at Oldcastle carpark, yesterday evening.

river moy

A nicely marked trout from Oldcastle yesterday evening.

Moy Report 30th July @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.25m

A lot of local and visiting anglers are turning their attention towards the upcoming world cup on Lough Mask.  Qualifying heats begin on Thursday with the final on Monday.  Is it possible that Germany could win the world cup twice in the same year?

I was down in Ballina yesterday and had a look in the Ridgepool.  Salmon were showing regularly, with several in the air on occasion.  The pool had a full complement of anglers but I didn’t see any hook ups while I was there.  A few fish are being caught, and I would imagine sport should pick up as the water cools down.  Its a bit of a tonic to see fresh fish showing, compared to the dire situation on the upper Moy!

River Moy

A leaping salmon shows below an angler on the Ridgepool yesterday.

Moy Report 29th July @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.26m 

The unsettled theme in the weather is to continue, with rain forecast from Thursday onward.  Like the previous systems that have crossed the country, its going to be hit or miss where gets heavy rain.  Its a long time since any forecast has stated ” heavy persistent rain will cross the country from the west”  which is what we need.

Yesterday evening I decided to go down and fish the Gub area.  With the air and water temperature lower, and a touch of freshwater in the river I felt there could be a chance.  A couple of hours later I was leaving the river vowing not to try for salmon again until the river gets a flood.  I didn’t get a pull, and saw nothing!

I heard that a couple of anglers were on the river earlier in the day but no fish were reported.  Just a few stale fish seen showing at the lower end of the fishery.

River Moy

A lifeless looking River Moy at the Gub yesterday evening.

Moy Report 28th July @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.22m 

Another week begins and still no sign of the long awaited flood appearing for the Moy.  It seems to be mainly dry up to midweek, with the threat of some rain moving in off the Atlantic on Thursday.  As anglers on the Moy are all to aware,  heavy rain seems to be forecast for the region every week but seems to miss the catchment.

Yesterday it was the turn of the northern third of the country to get some rain, and many areas were treated to some torrential downpours.  Rivers such as the Finn in Co Donegal received a welcome boost of freshwater.

River Moy

Low water in the fly only stretch recently.

Moy Report 27th July @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.22m

Its a much fresher day with a brisk northwesterly wind blowing.  Some showers forecast for the afternoon and a top temperature around 18c.

I believe the water temperature has been over 20c in recent days, which is to high for productive salmon fishing even if other conditions are suitable.  This change in the weather should at least bring the water temperature down and make the fish more responsive.  The lower Moy fisheries should see sport pick up,  as this seems to be where most fish are holding.

There was nothing to report from the EMAA stretch up to 7pm yesterday, which was not surprising since there had been no one on the fishery during the day!

river Moy

The fly only stretch recently.