Moy Report 31st August @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.72m

There is still good water this morning both above and below the confluence with the Gweestion.  All methods will be worth a try today.  There is some light rain and drizzle forecast for today, which will hopefully add some water or at least maintain levels a bit longer.

The water level held up well yesterday and there was a big improvement in the numbers of fish caught, compared to recent days.  Up to 7pm around fifteen fish had been reported with the best at 8lb.  All fish were caught on worm or spinner and showed varying degrees of colour.  The best of the fishing was in the early part of the day while the river still held some sediment.  As the river cleared leaving a heavy peat stain, the fishing slowed down.

Ballintemple, East Mayo Anglers Association.

Ballintemple, East Mayo Anglers Association.


Moy Report 30th August @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.85m

There is good water in the river this morning and all areas should fish.  Worm and spinning will be the most productive methods with fly fishing conditions improving as the day goes on.  The upper stretches will come into order for the fly angler first and there is plenty of nice water to try.

Even though the river was high and filthy yesterday there was at least one fish caught on  worm below Ballylahan bridge.

River Moy

The River Moy in flood at Cloongullaun bridge yesterday morning.

River Moy

One of the upper Moy tributaries (Owengarve) in good order yesterday morning.

Moy Report 29th August @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 1.42m

There was widespread heavy rain yesterday evening that continued into the night.  All parts of the catchment received a good soaking and this has resulted in a large dirty flood.  The river is still rising and this will continue for most of the day.  The main river and tributaries will have received a much needed scouring and should be in good order after this flood.

When the river starts to fall and clear fish should run from further down the system and provide sport on the upper Moy.  That is the theory anyway, and it is usually what happens as we move into the back end of the season.  Even with plenty of water few if any fresh fish will appear on the upper Moy at this time of year but the lower fisheries should get some.

The spectre of a heatwave is looming for next week, so anglers should try and make the best of this water over the coming days.  I won’t be fishing myself until Monday but hope to hear of some decent catches.

River Moy

Ryans pool recently.

Moy Report 28th August @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.32m

Another weak weather system moved up over the country yesterday evening but only produced a few mm of rainfall. This will show up in the afternoon with another small rise.  Heavy and possibly thundery rain is forecast for this afternoon, so a flood could be on the way.

The water maintained a fair bit of peat stain yesterday and fell back to a low level as the day progressed.  I heard of 3-4 salmon caught spinning but the fishery was only lightly fished.

River Moy

Evening at Oldcastle recently.

Moy Report 27th August @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.40m

Most of the latest rise has gone again but with more rain forecast this evening and over the coming days, it looks like we will have more water shortly.  Looking further ahead the start of September is forecast to be dry and settled.

Yesterday evening I fished Oldcastle with the spinning rod.  The water was dropping and clearing but still held a fair bit of sediment.  I covered a lot of water over two hours without as much as a pull or sign of a fish running.  Then in the space of three casts I hooked two grilse.  Unfortunately both came off after a few seconds!  I fished my way back up to the car but had no further luck.  I suppose its better to have hooked and lost, than to have never hooked at all.

Further down river around Ballylahan around six fish were reported spinning by local anglers.  The best fish weighed 9lb and all were coloured.

River Moy

The Moy at Oldcastle yesterday evening.