Moy Report 29th September @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.18m

Another week has slipped away with no extra water appearing and no prospect of any for the last few days of the season.  It has been unseasonably warm with temperatures up into the twenties on many days.  Most of the population have enjoyed this extension to the summer but for anglers it has been a nightmare.

There was an increase in angling activity over the past week, with a few visiting anglers and some members having a final fling for the season.  Unsurprisingly results were poor with only three grilse reported for the week.

I will probably have a few hours on the Moy today or tomorrow.  To be honest its hard to know where to go to have a chance of a fish in the present dire conditions.  I will cover some of my favourite pools and hope for the best.

River Moy

Above Cloongullaun bridge recently.

Moy Report 22nd September @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.19m

The drought maintained its grip for another week, with the main river and tributaries at pitiful levels.  Just a few anglers ventured out, with a blank week saved by the capture of a 3.5lb grilse on Friday.

Some rain forecast tonight lasting into tomorrow but amounts appear to be small.  Just some patchy rain and drizzle for the rest of the week.  It looks like there will be little or no extra water before the season ends, if the long range models are accurate.

Above Oldcastle car-park recently.

Above Oldcastle car-park recently.

Moy Report 16th September @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.20m

A little earlier than planned, this will be my last daily update for a while.  With the drought set to continue for the foreseeable future and with few if any anglers on the river there is little or nothing to report at present.  If conditions change or there are any catches I will put up a report.

Hopefully there will be some water for the Moy before the season ends, for a final throw.  If not I still have options on the Derg which remains open until 20th October.  Surely there will be a flood or two before then?

River Moy

Looking down from Ballylahan bridge yesterday at a drought stricken River Moy.

Moy Report 15th September @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.20m

Its a misty start to the day but this will soon burn off as the sun gets up.  Top afternoon temperature around 18c.  By midweek the temperature is forecast up to 22c, as warm air comes in from the east.

A couple of visiting anglers tried their luck yesterday but had no success.  In fact after two or three hours fishing they packed it in.

River Moy

Below the Long bank recently.


Moy Report 14th September @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.20m

Another dry week forecast with temperatures rising to around 22c.  There is a glimmer of hope in the long range models, with a break down forecast around the end of next weekend.  That’s a long way off and it will take a lot of rain to get the river up to a decent level.  At this stage in the season a flash flood or two is the best we can hope for.

This weekend and next week several overseas anglers that I know are arriving for their annual fishing holiday. They would normally fish the Moy, with the odd day on a west coast spate river if the Moy was to high.  This year they are already making arrangements for some pike fishing and a go at the sea trout in the estuary!

River Moy

Looking downstream from the Longbank recently.