Moy Report 31st May @ 8,30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 1.10m

The river is rising rapidly at the moment but should peak over the next few hours.  Most of the water is coming from the Ox mountains, which tends to rise the river very quickly.  On the other hand given no further rain the river falls away just as quick.  Unfortunately today is forecast very showery which will hold levels up.  Worm and spinner offer the only realistic chance of fish today!

For a bank holiday weekend there weren’t many anglers about yesterday but I heard of nine fish caught up to 8pm.  These were a mixture of spring fish and grilse, with a couple of the spring fish carrying sea lice!  As with all fishing days some anglers were lucky and some less fortunate.  One angler had three fish on worm, whilst another lost three on the fly!

River Moy

Nice water earlier in the spring.

Moy Report 30th May @ 9.00am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.72m

More rain forecast to arrive during the afternoon and lasting into the night.  With no soil moisture deficit it won’t take a lot of rain to produce a flood.  Looking slightly further ahead, Monday looks like a wash out!

The river slowly crept up yesterday and peaked at 0.80m late in the day.  Not a big number of anglers around but up to 8pm five fish were reported.  Just when it seemed the grilse were taking over, yesterdays fish ranged in size from 7-11lb!  All methods produced fish.  I suppose it keeps the fishing interesting not knowing if your next take could be three pounds or into double figures.

River Moy

Below Ballylahan bridge yesterday evening.

Moy Report 29th May @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.64m

I recorded 10mm of rain overnight (Oldcastle) and if this fell throughout the catchment, which I think it did, we should be in for a decent rise.  The first half of the day should be OK before rising water may effect fishing.

There are a number of visiting anglers on the fishery at present, mainly from Belgium and France.  It was these anglers that had success yesterday reporting three grilse up to 8pm.  Worm and spinner were the successful methods.  I think this is the first time a spring fish hasn’t been reported in the daily catch returns.  A sign of how the season is moving on!

River Moy

Nice fly water, East Mayo Anglers Association.

Moy Report 28th May @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.62m

Yesterdays rain has resulted in a small rise in levels that will peak shortly.  Another band of rain is forecast to move into the region during the evening, so a more substantial rise in levels looks on the way!

Small batches of grilse are now being seen on a daily basis as they move through the fishery mainly destined for the upper reaches. These will soon make up the bulk of the daily catches unless good water levels draw spring fish up from the lower reaches.

The fisheries around and below Foxford are seeing better returns recently as the fresh springers running are tending to hold up more in that area which is normal for this time of year.

There were a fair amount of anglers around yesterday especially in the stretches below Ballylahan bridge.  Up to 8pm three fish were reported, two grilse and an 8lb springer.


A tranquil scene recently in the Delphi valley.


Moy Report 27th May @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.50m

Rain forecast to move in off the Atlantic later this morning and become heavy for a while.  We seem to be in for another period of very unsettled weather, with rain or showers most days for the foreseeable future.  Temperatures are forecast to be unseasonably cold, with grass frost possible on some of the clearer nights!

I didn’t get a full round up of catches yesterday but at least two fish were caught in the morning, including a nice 12lber on the fly. With the end of the month looming the total reported catch for the month on the EMAA stretch is around one hundred fish.



The Whin pool recently, Bundorragha river.