Moy Report 30th September @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.44m

The last day of the season for the Moy is here once again and it looks like the season is going to finish on a quiet note.  There is still reasonable water today but it looks like the weather will make fishing difficult, with another bright day forecast.   I will be out for the last couple of hours before dark for a final go, hoping to hook another Moy salmon!

River Moy

East Mayo Anglers Association.


Moy Report 29th September @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.46m

Another dry bright day forecast with a top temperature of 18c.  A southeasterly wind will prevail making it feel very pleasant.  It will probably be a difficult day for fishing unless some cloud cover bubbles up!

Yesterday saw a few anglers scattered throughout the fishery but the stuttering end to the season continued with just a couple of fish reported lost on fly and spinner.  A few fish were reported showing in some of the main holding pools!

River Moy

The River Moy in Oldcastle recently, EMAA.

Moy Report 28th September @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.50m

I was back on the River Derg yesterday afternoon for a few hours.  I believe it had a rise  during the week but there wasn’t much left by yesterday.  I fished a floating line with an intermediate tip and tried various size 14 flies through a series of pools without a pull.  After going through the last pool before packing up I decided to change the fly size down to a 16 for one last go.

I began at the head of the pool and within minutes got a good draw and lifted into a well coloured cock fish of 5-6lb.  After a good battle Gary McGee who had joined me slid the net under it and after a quick photo it was soon swimming off again after some revival time.  Gary had a few trout before fading light forced us to call it a day.

River Derg

Yesterdays fish from the River Derg. It had no problem blending in with its peat stained surroundings!

There were a few anglers scattered throughout the EMAA fishery yesterday but once again fish were hard to come by.  Up to 7pm two fish were reported weighing 5lb&4lb. Both were caught on the fly.

Moy Report 27th September @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.55m

The river has fallen steadily over the last couple of days and is in good order for the fly, especially downstream from the confluence with the Gweestion.  The last couple of days has seen very little sport but three fish were reported yesterday up to 7pm.  A 10lber was caught on the bubble and fly , with another 10lber caught spinning.  The third fish was a grilse weighing 3.5lb and was caught on the fly.  Hopefully some momentum will gather in catches as the final day of the season approaches.


Looking down Finlough recently, part of the Delphi system.



Moy Report 26th September @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.62m

High pressure is set to dominate the weather for the foreseeable future so at last there is a break in the constant unsettled river conditions.  Today will see some sunny breaks with cloud tending to build in the afternoon.  Top temperature 17c in a southerly wind.

This weekend will be the last opportunity many anglers will get of fishing before the season ends next Wednesday.  With the water in good order throughout the fishery, especially for the fly, it must surely be worth a go!  It will be a good six months wait before there is a realistic chance of a fish again, so if you can, enjoy the pleasant autumn conditions we have at present.


The Bundorragha river recently, part of the Delphi system.