Moy Report 30th April @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.65m

A milder day forecast with a top temperature of 11c.  The wind will thankfully be from the southwest which should make it feel more pleasant.  A band of rain will cross the region tonight and may turn heavy and persistent before clearing tomorrow morning.  This should lead to a further rise in levels or even a decent flood!

With more favorable weather and water conditions present, more anglers should be tempted out along the river and hopefully the recent lull in catches can be reversed!

Low water in the fly only stretch recently, EMAA.

Low water in the fly only stretch recently, EMAA.

Moy Report 29th April @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.58m

Another cool showery day forecast in a northerly wind.  Top temperature 9c.

Yesterdays showery rain has added some fresh water to the river and a slow upward creep in water levels will probably continue during the day.  It might get a few fish running and shouldn’t colour much.

Looking towards the Ridgepool yesterday during a brief break in the weather.

Looking towards the Ridgepool yesterday during a brief break in the weather.

A few anglers ventured out in the first half of yesterday but gale force winds accompanied by sleet and hail showers saw most gone by lunchtime and no fish were reported.  I had planned to go out in the evening but heavy sleet showers with a temperature of 4c made the decision to stay at home an easy one.  That’s  my April fishing over for another year as I wont get near the river until Monday!

Moy Report 28th April @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.42m

Some rain forecast for today clearing to showers by afternoon.  Top temperature around 10c.  Winds initially south west but will swing around to the north west by afternoon!  Looking further ahead more substantial rain is forecast for Sunday and some unsettled weather after that.  Will good water accompany the main spring run in May?

My good fortune continued again yesterday with another spring salmon weighing around 8lb, caught on the fly.

I went down to the lower end of the fishery first but the strong north wind with hail showers soon had me packing and looking for a more sheltered stretch.  I decided to try the fly only stretch which offered more shelter as many pools have trees on one or both banks.

To make a long story short half way down the third pool the line tightened and a lively fish shot off towards the tail of the pool.  After a good five minutes or so, with several good runs it was in the net.  The size 10 cascade was securely in the scissors but I soon had it out and returned the fish after a quick photo.

River Moy

Yesterdays fish was around 8lb and was released.

I tried another couple of pools but all was quiet.  Even though the water is low in this stretch of river(above the Gweestion) there appears to be the odd fish scattered about.

The fly only stretch yesterday, East Mayo Anglers.

The fly only stretch yesterday, East Mayo Anglers.

A few anglers where scattered around the fishery but up to late evening I didn’t hear of any other fish caught.

Moy Report 27th April @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.42m

I faced the elements again yesterday afternoon and headed for the river.  Once more there was a bitterly cold north wind which was accompanied by heavy hail showers.  I had earmarked a few pools to try and due to the weather conditions I didn’t intend to be out very long.

I covered the first pool as best as I could but had no joy and decided to head for another pool that I thought might hold a fish and might also be more sheltered.

I started at the head of the pool and on the third cast as I was slowly hand lining the fly there was a solid take mid river and my second springer was on.  This fish was a real live wire and jumped three or four times as it tore around the pool but I eventually landed it and after a short period of resuscitation it swam back into the pool.

River Moy

Yesterdays fish which weighed around 7lb and was released

I fished the rest of the pool without a further response and decided to try one more pool before going home but had no further luck.  A size 10 cascade on a slow sinking tip proved successful.

River Moy

The Gub yesterday. The gravel and sand came compliments of a huge flood after storm Desmond last December.

Elsewhere on the fishery  just a few anglers ventured out and no fresh fish were reported.  Unusual for the time of year and this far up the system a kelt was reported caught above Ballylahan bridge!


Moy Report 26th April @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.42m

A cool blustery day forecast with scattered showers.  Top temperature around 9c in a moderate northerly wind!  There will be a considerable wind chill effect making it feel much colder than the temperature would suggest.

I was back on the river again yesterday and met up with friend Billy McGhee to fish the last couple of hours before dark.  We decided to fish the lower end of the fishery and found we had the place to ourselves.

Conditions were pretty miserable with a stiff cold northerly wind blowing upstream, making casting difficult and not adding to the enjoyment of being out.  We fished through the main holding spots without an offer and didn’t see any fish show.  I did get a call from a friend who had fished the area earlier, and he saw one lucky angler land a salmon on fly.

Its not often fading light brings relief when you’re out on the river but the thoughts of a hot cup of tea and heat added an inch to our step when we packed up for the evening and headed back to our cars.

Sunset at the lower end of Ryan's pool recently, time for home!

Sunset at the lower end of Ryan’s pool recently, time for home!