Moy Report 9th March 2017 @

Height at Ballylahan bridge 1.2m

The first three weeks of the season saw the mainly dry weather continue and levels were good for fishing especially behind the boxes in Ballina.  This location was fished on a daily basis by local anglers but no fish were reported.  Any anglers I spoke to hadn’t even seen a fish going over the falls!

The weather finally broke on the 21st February and levels have been running between 1m -2.6m at Ballylahan bridge since.  With plenty of water and spring like conditions a fish should be caught shortly somewhere in the system.

River Moy

Big water in Ballintemple recently, East Mayo Anglers Association.


Moy Report 21st January 2017

Winter so far.

It has been an unusually dry autumn and winter so far in the west of Ireland, with rainfall running around 50- 60 percent of the long term average.  There have been a number of floods but nothing remotely close to the bank topping torrents of last year.

Salmon have been moving into the spawning tributaries since October and have spread  throughout the catchment.  Going by  reports, there seems to have been a reasonable spawning season with the main activity occurring around the last week in December up to 10th January.

I observed some good spawning in Ballintemple and Oldcastle, with some late spawning still going on. I noticed a lot more carcasses around this year but I would put this down to the long periods of lower than usual levels.

Lets hope that there are plenty of these beauties on the way in 2017.

Lets hope that there are plenty of these beauties on the way in 2017.

Moy Catchment Association

There is more information on the recently formed association here .


Moy Report 23rd November

Moy Catchment Association

With declining salmon runs, water quality issues and a host of other problems effecting the Moy catchment, an association has been formed in an effort to address these issues.  For the first time representatives of all the angling clubs, fishery owners and stakeholders in the catchment will work together as a unified body in an effort to improve fish stocks and habitat in the catchment.

There will be an official launch of the association on Wednesday 30th November at 7.30pm in the Mount Falcon hotel outside Ballina.  All anglers and interested parties are invited to attend.


Moy Report 29th July @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.84m

There is good water in the river this morning and levels are slowly falling.  Spinning and worm will probably offer the best chance of a fish this morning, with fly worth a go later especially in the upper stretches.

Mostly dry today with sunny spells developing. Top temperature 18c in a northwest wind.  It will feel a lot fresher today with humidity levels well down compared to recent days.  Very little rain forecast until the early days of next week!

Unsettled river conditions continued yesterday and by afternoon the river was on the rise again. The unsettled river probably didn’t help the few anglers that were out, and up to 8pm three fish were reported.  The best weighed 7lb and was caught on fly.  Several fish were also lost, with a few having a less than enthusiastic go at the fly!

Ballintemple, East Mayo Anglers Association.

Ballintemple, East Mayo Anglers Association.


Moy Report 28th July @ 8.30am

Height at Ballylahan bridge 0.54m

Out breaks of rain and drizzle are forecast to last throughout the day.  Top temperature 17c in a southwest wind.  Fishing prospects are good for today before extra water is likely to come into the system later today.

The river rose yesterday until early afternoon and carried some colour.  Compared to recent days catches were up, with seven fish reported up to evening time.  The rise should have shuffled a few fish around that were lying down the fishery and hopefully will have brought some new fish up.

East Mayo Anglers Association.

East Mayo Anglers Association.